King Sammy Silver



International award-winning drag king and everyone’s favourite bear cub, King Sammy Silver loves to lipsync, sing and dance his little paws off for you. 

Sammy won The Pebble Trust Award at Brighton Fringe 2018 for the premiere of his solo show Sass, Sex and Surrealness, and now intends to tour the show and take to other fringe festivals around the world.  

Sammy is currently touring with the critically acclaimed production, Fantabulosa, a family friendly drag show. More info in the ‘upcoming shows’ section.

Sammy is also an ambassador for BOi BOX, London’s No.1 Drag King Cabaret, had TV appearances with the BBC and Sky, the resident host of Brighton’s queer variety show, Queerdom, winner of King of The Fringe 2015 and has been ranked one of the top 25 drag kings in the world by DragKing.Net.